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Our apartments

Flat prices from 2.650 + VAT mp;

The apartments have panoramic views of the lake and the sea. Environmentally friendly materials, sustainable technologies and modern design.

Apartment types

Work in progress

From construction site to final project

Project in the working phase

Project at final stage



The luxury and elegance
of our apartments

Every detail of the Le Rose del Lago residential complex has been carefully studied to offer you an unparalleled living experience. The interiors are designed with a refined sense of aesthetics, where every element, from the structure to the finishes, reflects high quality and Italian craftsmanship.

Project location
Le Rose Del Lago

Located in the heart of Mamaia resort, the residential complex is situated in a unique area, perfectly positioned between the lively cliff of the Black Sea and the calm waters of Lake Siutghiol.

Services and accessibility

The points of interest map shows you the location of Le Rose del Lago project, fine sandy beaches, classy restaurants and tourist attractions near the project. Public transport services connect the Mamaia area, where the complex is located, with the rest of Constanta.

Services and activities

At Le Rose del Lago residents can benefit from numerous exclusive services, recreational and wellness activities.


Our residential complex raises the standard of everyday living by offering a 24-hour concierge service to ensure an exclusive and carefree living experience.


Your safety is our top priority. The residential complex is equipped with an advanced security system, available 24 hours a day, to ensure your peace of mind, your comfort and the protection of your entire family.


Enjoy the unique experience of having a private parking space directly on the same level as your apartment.

Turn your business into a landmark in the Le Rose del Lago residential complex

Discover business opportunities in a prestigious residential complex. We offer dynamic and modern commercial spaces. Le Rose del Lago project is in a prime location with a high flow of residents and visitors, making it the perfect location to develop your business.

For information and details on the commercial spaces please contact the sales and customer relations department directly on the phone numbers: +40 726 277 868; +40 341 100 757.


Parking prices starting from 21.500 Euro + VAT to 25.000 Euro + VAT.


Expand your business


Structure with high seismic resistance

Careful attention to the design of the load-bearing structure, the use of foundation piles, beams and ceramic tiles ensuring stability at the highest levels of strength. Anti-seismic construction according to European standards.

Exterior walls

Walls made of BCA Megaterm Plus offering a high degree of safety and comfort
(thermal insulation to the highest standards, sound insulation, fire resistance).



Here, every detail has been designed to ensure harmony with the environment without sacrificing the luxury of an exclusive lifestyle.The residential complex combines the comfort of modern living with care for the environment.

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Exterior joinery and
balcony railings

Maximum safety for your children, triple glazing, secure, thermo-acoustic, low-e, high level of safety and durability.

griglia di ventilazione

Heating and air conditioning

The structure will be equipped with a photovoltaic system for the production of alternative energy, which will reduce the power and consumption costs of the common areas due to self-consumption. Underfloor heating system + heat pump air conditioning system to optimise energy performance and improve the sustainability of the building. Both heating and air conditioning can be controlled and programmed via the Smart Home system.


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